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yesterday Aaron and I had our photos taken to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

It was an incredible experience… not just because we had an opportunity to hire an artist whose vision I totally love + trust, but because we were forced to stop. slow down. really look at each other.

and in those moments where we were just looking, I just realized that everything I am, everything I have, everything that I am working for. all of it – right now, it’s enough.

it’s all even abundantly MORE.

if all I had was Aaron next to me, it would still be more than enough.

the fact that I could obsess over forgetting some dumb accessory that day but that Aaron could still look at me and love me so truthfully despite my perfectionism just boggles my mind. I’m so silly and yet, I’m enough for him. That’s a truly incredible thing that I take for granted all the time.


I don’t know if you are like me, but I am always looking forward to what’s next. What I want to make happen. The next big thing.

It’s a good thing as a small business owner, for sure. But I struggle so much with contentment, and to truly feel grateful for what I’ve already accomplished, and the relationships I already have.

I don’t always see things with eyes of gratitude. In this moment I am simply writing to remind myself to appreciate this journey + the people that are a part of it with me.

There are plenty of things I still want to do with my life.


Travel to Africa.

Photograph a wedding in Tuscany.

Ride in a hot air balloon. 

Be photographed by Tec Petaja


It’s okay to still have things waiting to be crossed off the list and I want to be okay with even having a list like this. Because today is enough.





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