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the refined woman : new york fashion week

03 06 13


I used to think that you had to be really cool to be invited to New York Fashion Week.
If you want to know a secret, you don’t have to be cool at all.
In fact, you don’t even have to be invited.

You just have to be brave, and GO.

And be prepared to hustle.



new york lifestyle photographer emily scott



Billy Reid – one of the most inspiring shows. The atmosphere was incredible and the clothes to die for.


billy reid runway show

Give me this outfit. Kthanks.

billy reid fall preview 2013



The always adorable Trent + Dara. (You both inspire me to no end.)



You know the blizzard’s not so bad if you have time for a few photos.


fashion week







We borrowed a sled. Actually I just watched. And captured the moments. (My toes were pretty frozen.)


central park in the snow

Kat and I squeezed in photographing outfits for The Refined Woman in every spare second we had.

pop of red the refined woman

71660024 GARANCE! If you don’t know, now you know.

She is every bit as gracious and lovely as you would imagine her to be.
garance dore jcrew presentation

JCREW. Now I can die happy.

jcrew fall presentation 2013 new york fashion week

jcrew fall preview 2013 runway

jcrew presentation

I almost fell over in my heels bending backwards to take this photo of The Sartorialist.

I blame my ridiculous height and also Christian Louboutin. Then I ran away because I’m pretty sure it’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me. I wish I could say I handled it with the grace of J.Law but alas… I am a mere mortal. Although maybe if I had fallen all the way down and not caught myself *almost falling* that would have broken the ice a bit better…

For the full J.Crew / Jenna Lyons / Garance saga you can see it all here.

the sartorialist jcrew presentation

jenna lyons new york fashion week street style

BILL CUNNINGHAM NEW YORK / right before the Naeem Khan runway show (also, I’ll take it all.)

I pushed some skinny girls out of my way for this one.

He doesn’t like to be recognized but I like to imagine he secretly admired my gumption.

bill cunningham new york

naeem khan fall 2013 preview

The sweet Brynn Watkins of Being Elliott.

being elliot brynn watkins

I love this guys style!!

We stopped for a chat with him and his friend to talk photography.

new york fashion week men's street style



There are a great many BINGO night photos that shall not be posted to protect the innocent.



I’ve already written a ton about Fashion Week elsewhere so I won’t say much more but you can read all of that here and here.

Until next time, New York.


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  1. Erin Kestenbaum

    love this post – the images are all so high-energy! looks like you had a blast!

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