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01 25 13

emthegem NYC

{photo by Ashley Kelemen}

2013 has been FLYING so fast that I can hardly keep up, but truly I have nothing to complain about.

It was an incredible last few months of wedding season in 2012… so there are a lot of October/November weddings + engagements that are in the queue that might have to wait for a while… As well as all my photos from FIND in Oahu from the beginning of December, plus all my personal photos from our trips to Portland + NYC, and all the goodness from The Lab Event a few weeks ago.

Gratefully, I have some wonderful previews to share from a little session Aaron and I did with Ash during our trip out East over Christmas.

Seriously, how HOT is my husband? I know.

ashley kelemen photography

I’ve been working a lot the past 2 weeks for my new project with the lovely Kat Harris. I would love it if you checked out The Refined Woman and tell me what you think.

Next up… I just bought another flight to New York for Fashion Week!

Truthfully, I’m scared out of my mind on that one. But the good kind of scared. The kind that means something good is bound to happen. I think.

If you are in NYC or are going to be out there for Fashion Week, please let me know! I would love to collaborate on something or shoot some photos while I’m out there.

In the meantime, I love you.