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joe + jessica : love film session

06 21 12

marina love shoot fuji 400h

One of the first times Jessica and I sat down to coffee together I distinctly remember thinking that she was just the kind of girl I definitely wanted to be friends with.

We talked about our goals as photographers; we shared the struggle to push ourselves creatively while still wanting to make our clients happy. I realized she is the kind of friend who would encourage me to grow.

Jessica is ambitious and yet also laid-back. She’s easy to talk to and has a great laugh.

Joe is just the perfect complement to Jessica. They fit just right. He is the accountant and she is the creative type but their relationship is much deeper than that. It’s not a big or showy thing, it’s the kind of relaxed love that comes from being married for a while creates. It’s comfortable in the best way.

Joe and Jess – thank you for being so patient with me during this session. I am so grateful for you guys. (I wanted to get more practice with my Mamiya 645, and manually focusing every shot was a little tedious. But I’m so happy with how they turned out…)

You guys are so beautiful together. It just makes me smile.

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all film processed and scanned by the wizards at richard photo lab.