carissa : las vegas headshots

Carissa is the best kind of beautiful.

The kind that doesn’t totally realize just exactly how gorgeous she is.

The kind that tells you a crazy story about how her mouth does a weird thing when she smiles with her mouth closed – which is absolutely not true.

It’s the kind of beautiful that makes you jealous because it’s beautiful without being all full-of-itself-look-at-me-beautiful.

I have a feeling it’s the kind of beautiful that her husband sees when she wakes up in the morning and tells him she’s a hot mess and he just smiles because he knows it’s not true.

I like that kind of beautiful.

Carissa is a photographer too.

We met at a workshop last year and when she asked if I would do a few headshots for her while we were both in Las Vegas last month for WPPI , I was excited to reconnect and excited to photograph her.

I love photographing friends because I feel like it helps me show them how beautiful I truly think they are.

I love photographing photographers because they need great pictures of themselves just as much or maybe more than anyone… because really, doesn’t this picture make you want to hire her?

bright happy portraits headshots

Carissa… I’m excited for you and what lies ahead. Thanks for letting me take your picture. You really are beautiful.


  1. What great shots – totally brightened up my afternoon in rainy SF :) Carissa is totally full of sunshine!

  2. Felicia

    Cute girl and cuuuuute pictures!