leanne : a little bit vintage

Vancouver is full of hipsters. I love it. Those crazy kids inspire me.

While visiting my sweet Jamie Delaine last week, we walked into many a vintage clothing store and I left each one with nothing because I was just overwhelmed by the awesomeness. You know how that happens when there is too much of a good thing?

But one store was just right. If I lived in Vancouver, I’d have to be careful about how often I allowed myself to visit Mintage.

Fashion inspires me. Seeing the potential in an item of clothing stirs me to create something.

It’s not the first time a thrifted dress started a photoshoot.

vintage crochet dress and headband

Thankfully, Jamie has an amazing community of friends. One of them is Leanne, and I’m so thankful she let us photograph her.

Leanne is a photographer too, and so she wasn’t confused about why we would want to have an impromptu photoshoot in the woods by Jamie’s house at 2 o’clock on a Tuesday. I’m grateful for that.

Or maybe she was confused but hid it well. You can’t always tell with those Canadians, they are just so friendly…

Either way, I’m so grateful we got to play around with a new (old) dress on a crisp (COLD) day. And the sun was shining through the tall trees. It was perfect.

black lace back dress

leanne tam

You can see some of Jamie’s photos of Leanne on her blog today. I loved seeing how Jamie and I can look at the same scene and she can capture something that I never would have noticed.

She’s pretty special.



p.s. Jamie I still have your headband. Unbeknownst to me it traveled across the country in my coat pocket. I guess it wanted to see California. I’ll send it back soon. Loves you.

  1. I love your version of the shoot + the back of the dress + those pretty woods!
    First time on your blog; beautiful work.

  2. I traveled over to Jamie’s blog to see the differences in the photos…what a cool project. You should do more of these – it’s really neat to see how your personal styles come through with the same subject/environment. It’s so easy to say “Emily takes beautiful photos” without recognizing your distinct style and voice coming through, but seeing the same photoshoot through two photographers’ eyes really highlights both of your individual styles. Both beautiful, but so different. I really enjoyed checking this out!

  3. Jamie Delaine

    loooooove these. and i agree with kim, it’s fun to see how we both captured portraits so differently. i like your styleeeee. and funny about that headband. haha, yep, pop ‘er in the mail. ;)

  4. This is so one of my favourite things- seeing how differently people see the world! Love that you both posted your images so we can enjoy them too! :D