heidi ryder : joshua tree

A few weeks ago, I took a little trip to Joshua Tree with 11 other beautiful women, who also happen to be wedding photographers. It was kind of like camp, but better. A lot better.

Because I work from home, I have days where I really miss having coworkers. I don’t have anyone to distract me when I want to be distracted (usually Facebook does that for me) and I don’t get to hang out at the water cooler and talk about my issues (people still do that in offices, right?) with other people who understand.

During a trip with A Traveling Heart, there is a lot of talking. A little about photography, but mainly about life, and love and other things that girls talk about. And then we took some photos. If you know me, that’s pretty much my idea of heaven. I am so grateful for the chance to get to know these women and I am counting down to our  next trip with a paper chain. You know, that kind that kids make to count down to Christmas? Except instead of Christmas it’s late nights, flip cup and dance central. Like I said, heaven.

I had the privilege to photograph the insanely talented Heidi Ryder while we were out in the amazing Joshua Tree – and it was one of the highlights for me. Heidi took even better photos of me, but I love these ones because I think they capture Heidi’s sweet serving heart (always the one to volunteer to cook even when we buy the wrong taco shells and it falls apart everywhere) and also her fiery spirit. She’s got that good kind of fight in her.

Heidi, for someone who told me they don’t always like having their photo taken, you sure brought it anyways.

You. are. beautiful.




  1. All of these are so beautiful, but tenth photo down.  STUNNING.