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monday vacay : burano

07 25 11

I’ve got a case of the Mondays today.

I know what you are thinking. But even wedding photographers who set their own hours and get to work from home in their pajamas can still find themselves needing to escape a little bit from the daunting to-do list that is Monday.

In honor of this, I’m thinking that the best way to show you guys all our photos from our recent trip to Europe, is to give them to you in little bite sized pieces to give you a brief vacay, right in the middle of your Monday. I’m hoping to post a little Monday Vacay throughout the whole summer, so that no matter where you find yourself, you have a little sunshine.

I couldn’t help it, I had to start with my favorite.

Today, friends. Join me in Burano.

Hop on the L line Water Taxi from Venice.


Keep riding past Murano – don’t be fooled by all the tourists jumping off here. Something better awaits.


And don’t be discouraged by the run down remains of some amazing Venetian estates…


Because before long you’ll find yourself in the most adorable little fishing village of Burano.

burano gem photo

burano gem photo

Little lagoons run through the city on the water.


burano italy

Many of the historic homes have plaques dedicated to their former Italian owners.


Stop and have some of the best risotto of your life at Trattoria de Romano. If you don’t trust me, at least trust Ernest Hemingway, one of the cafe’s many famous visitors over the years…

burano italy trattoria

burano italy

window shutters burano italy

burano italy

burano italy

burano italy

burano italy


Around the corner from the main square you get a view of the city’s leaning tower…

burano italy by emily scott gem photo

There’s not actually much to do here.

But I think that gives you a chance to appreciate how sweet and low key it is.

gem photo

burano italy by gem photo

venice italy


Until next time…