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our day after with gabriel ryan photographers

06 07 10

i am catching up this monday after being away this weekend down in sunny orange county. i cannot say enough good things about this weekend, gabriel ryan photographers, catching up with college friends, and my family.

i am filled with a happy heart when i think about it.

to start, we had the best time taking some “day after” photos with gabriel and carlie of gabriel ryan photographers.

*UPDATE* carlie posted some of the pics!!

i will back the train up just a minute to give you the backstory on this one.

i had mentioned to gabriel that i wanted to do some day after photos while we were both shooting at the streamy awards. he was soo gracious to oblige this dream of mine and this weekend we found ourselves down in the OC, in a field, in our wedding attire.

see, i love our real wedding photos. they signify the most meaningful day of my life, marrying the man of my dreams. but at the time, i did not know what kind of magic can happen if you plan a first look, where you can take the time to go out into fields and take the time to capture another side of the relationship. looking back, i have no regrets about our wedding day. i would not say these are replacement wedding pictures.

actually, the coolest thing about the pictures we took on friday really show the depth and growth of me and Aaron’s bond. the friendship of our marriage. and we got to take a LOT of silly ones. because we are silly.

and i got to have my hair done. that was awesome.

jillian rae made my hair so beautiful… she is based in san diego and is one talented lady! here is a little taste of my hair amazingness, that we snapped before heading off to meet gabriel and carlie.

anyways gabriel, carlie, lincoln, aaron and i set off for some magic hills in laguna.

we met some deer and frolicked and took some photos. and we had so much fun. i loved getting to see gabriel and carlie in action: they are my photo role models in every way. the way they take care of their clients, set up their shots, and get the amazingness they do with their cameras. this is the kind of thing i am striving for. of course, with my own little flair.

and, they have a really cute little lincoln. i want one.

gabriel and carlie, we had so much fun taking pictures and hanging out with you guys. really.

our wonderful weekend continued on saturday catching up with friends ryan and lyndsay, eating delicious barbeque, and drinking some good coffee.


we ended our weekend of amazingness having dinner with my dad and brother. i miss those guys.

(aaron smiling at dad’s kitchen table)

also, my dad has artwork from my childhood on his fridge.