The real heart of my life is the people in it.

I need time with my close friends but I thrive on making new ones too. I love to sit down and talk for hours about deep things but I love to make you laugh. I have a lot of friends, and all different kinds, but the one who knows me best is my husband Aaron. A tall blue-eyed guy who stole my heart as a student at UCLA while riding his skateboard to Biology class. He’s my favorite.

My soul comes to life on the open road. Nothing inspires me the way that travel does. I want to see every corner of the world. I spent a year in Tokyo as a missionary after graduating college and when I was there I started to fall in love with documenting my daily life. I was taking photos of everything I saw, and photography became my new way of seeing.

Aaron proposed at the end of my year in Japan and when I came home to plan our wedding – I discovered wedding photography. I realized this could be my way to mix my two great loves : people and art, documenting genuine life stories. But it wasn’t until I photographed my first wedding that I knew for sure that this was it.

5 years and more than 30 weddings later, I still cry during the father-daughter dance. There is something sacred in a wedding day. The moments that lead up to the bride preparing to see her groom. The look in his eye as he sees her down the aisle. 

Photography has been an incredible portal into the lives of so many amazing individuals I never would have met otherwise. My clients have become dear friends to me and I am so grateful for those relationships. I’ve also realized along the way what a precious gift it is for my own family. Images from the past two summers of my grandparents at their lake house are my most treasured possession.

Photography is something I am always doing, whether or not I’m being paid to. It helps me connect with the deeper parts of this life – the parts I find so beautiful – so I can share them with others. I love learning what makes each person unique, and about what we all share.

Most of all I believe that we all share a common bond, and that everyone has a story that is worth telling.

This is the place for me to continue telling our family story. Things we love and places that are special to us.

If you’d like to see more of my photography – you can see it here.